Pastors & Staff

Lonnie & Colleen Hardy

Head Pastors

Since 2012, Pastors Lonnie and Colleen Hardy have been the heart and soul of Passion Church in Cameron. Their unwavering commitment to fostering a deep connection with God and challenging conventional religious perspectives spans over 35 years, all while maintaining a steadfast adherence to God's word and a genuine concern for those who are yet to find their way.
At the core of their ministry is a fervent desire to mentor and guide believers, as well as to extend the transformative message of Jesus Christ to the unsaved. Eager to empower others to minister to their friends, neighbors, and loved ones, Lonnie and Colleen embody leadership by rolling up their sleeves and working diligently side-by-side. Their infectious enthusiasm extends to training others to do the same, creating a community where everyone is equipped to make a meaningful impact.


Steve & Robin Johnson

Associate Pastors

In 2015, Pastors Steve and Robin Johnson became part of the Passion Church family, instantly forming a close bond with Pastors Lonnie and Colleen. As the visionary leaders shared their aspirations, Steve and Robin sensed that they were exactly where God intended them to be. Over a delightful five-year journey of volunteering in various capacities, they embraced the warmth of Passion Church.
In 2020, the Johnsons joyfully accepted the invitation to serve as associate pastors at Passion Church. With official licensure to share the teachings of the gospel both within and beyond the church, they diligently adhere to Passion Church's bylaws and principles of faith. Boasting 27 years of combined service to the body of Christ, Steve and Robin possess a genuine desire to assist others. Their friendly mission is to support individuals in realizing their full potential in Jesus and guiding them toward the fulfillment of the divine dreams nestled in their hearts.

Auston & Kelle Hardy

Worship Pastors

Auston and Kelle Hardy are a dynamic worship pastor couple at Passion Church. They lead with passion and creativity, bringing a deep love for God and a heart for worship to their ministry. Auston's musical talents and Kelle's inspiring vocals create a beautiful blend that draws people into God's presence. Together, they are dedicated to leading others into a deeper relationship with Jesus through music and worship. 

Chris & Trisha Hainey

Children's Pastors

Chris and Trisha have been attending Passion for 9 years and have been a part of the children’s ministry team for 8 of those years.  They have a heart to show the tangible love of the Father to children and to guide them to their own personal relationship with Him! They have two of their own gifts from God, Adah (6) and Serenity (4) whom are their greatest ministry.

Christian & Kendra Lewis

Executive Administrators

Meet Christian and Kendra, dedicated servants of the Kingdom of God and valued members of Passion Church. Christian and Kendra serve as the assistants to our Pastors, offering invaluable support and ensuring the smooth operation of our church's administrative tasks. Together, Christian and Kendra embody the spirit of servant leadership, uplifting our congregation and enriching the lives of those they serve. Their heart is to raise up world changers and to see each person find and fill their unique function in the body of Christ. 

Anthony & Katie Hainey

Pastoral Interns 

Anthony and Katie joined Passion Church in 2013. They have served in a variety of areas including the worship, youth, outreach, event planning, and more. They've been blessed with 3 beautiful children, Elias, Liberty, and Eden.

The Lord has called them to eventually lead in a pastoral position. However, instead of just going, they are convicted to follow the guidance of The Holy Spirit, to be patient, until sent into their mission field. While in waiting, Anthony and Katie are operating as Pastoral Interns to glean from the insight of pastors and the Passion Leadership Team.

Interns gain an inside look into church ministry, having the opportunity to be discipled by the pastoral team to foster continued spiritual growth. Interns shadow the head pastors throughout a variety of pastoral responsibilities and are given ownership of a variety of projects and ministry roles to gain experience and prepare for a life of ministry.